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At All Neighborhood Theater Groups Venues...
To create a comfortable, enjoyable environment appropriate for all ages, we have a few house rules:

  1. No profanity, disruptive behavior or vulgar attire
  2. No smoking, vaping or e-cigarettes
  3. No carry-in food and beverages
  4. No children under the age of six are allowed into R-rated movies
  5. No costumes or masks/face painting/make-up that covers an individual’s face
  6. Avoid using cell phones/electronic devices in auditoriums
  7. No recording devices may be used in auditoriums

If you as a guest experience this, please tell our staff immediately, and we will address the concern.

Any guest found breaking the house rules will be:

  1. Warned to stop the behavior
  2. Asked to leave if they do not cease the behavior
  3. Local authorities will be called if the violator refuses to leave the premise
  4. Possible ban from all NTG venues

NTG Venues reserves the right to refuse service to a customer. We welcome any guest and do not discriminate based on any protected class. 


For all movies starting at 6 p.m. or later, guests under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian 25 years of age or older at all of our locations.


For the safety and security of our guests and associates, bags or packages with any dimensions measuring larger than 16" x 16" x 6" will not be permitted into Neighborhood Theater Group venues. Exception: medical equipment bags and diaper bags. Backpacks are allowed but are subject to be checked. 

*Bags include but are not limited to purses and totes. 


Customers can manage their tickets, including refunds, by clicking here and selecting the theater they purchased from.  Redeemed tickets are non-refundable as is the service fee for online tickets. 

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